Day 9 – First full Slimming World day in a while

Here’s to sw SP. It really is rather fab.

I got up this morning, had lost about 1.5lbs of yesterday’s mystery gain. So that was something positive. I’ll keep an eye on that and see how my body reacts to going back onto food after juicing. Still. It looks like my juicing week gave me a weight loss of 7lbs after food gain, so that’s pretty good 🙂

Post-juicing I’ve noticed that it’s fruit and veg that tastes better than anything else. I made myself a sw cooked breakfast this morning, ate the tomatoes and mushrooms first and thoroughly enjoyed them, then found myself almost force-feeding myself veggi sausage and fried egg. Needless to say I didn’t finish it off. That was brunch at about 11am, so didn’t feel hungry at lunch time, so I didn’t eat. I am not going to eat at pre-destined times if I am not hungry. I had an early dinner instead and again, made a tomato and beetroot salad and green beans and thought they were incredible. Then ate my chicken and it was ok. Ha. I think it’s safe to say my tastes are a little different 🙂

Another good thing that has come out of this is that I now drink what I would have thought was a ridiculous amount of water a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m easily quaffing my way through at least a two litre bottle of fizzy water a day. Excellent 😀

Nothing much else to report today. So far so good. I’ve had some Wotsits as my syns. Might have some more later. The chocolate demon isn’t screaming for me yet, so I’ll avoid that until it does. I’m not having my healthy extras, mainly because I don’t feel the need for them and I don’t want to reintroduce dairy too fast. I may reintroduce some tomorrow in my coffee.

Hope all is going fabulously with all of you xx


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