Goals goals goals

Howdy. I figured I should probably add in a few of the mini-goals I have coming up. There are quite a few that I could use. Here goes…

  • Surgery – I have a day surgery coming up. I need my bmi to be under 35 for my pre-op assessment in just under two weeks. I’m only about 2lbs off I think, depending on what my body does post-juicing, so that’s doable.
  • I am taking my daughter to visit my in-laws over the Easter holidays and I want to be thinner than last time I saw them in November… Noticeably thinner…
  • In May I am going away on a girlie weekend involving a hot tub. We did this last year but due to my massive amount of stress and emotional eating since then I am about a stone above what I was last time, and who wants to squidge that into a cossie? I was the fattest one there last time, I still would be this time, but I wanted to be thinner… So I have two months. Can I make it back to at least what I was before!!?!
  • Summer. Just summer. I will be spending a lot of it with my in-laws again, so another noticeable weight loss would be great.

So there we have it. The first one being my surgery. Post-surgery I will probably be back on juice or soup anyway as I won’t be able to eat anything else, but other than that it’s SW all the way… Please, please, please let me get it right this time around…

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