Day 8 – Adding in the Vegetables

Well this morning gives me a 2lb weight gain. woop de friggin’ do. I know weighing daily is full of the chance this will happen, but come on!! Before I even eat anything!!

Still, I am adding in the vegetables tonight. I have my shopping list ready and I can honestly say that I can’t wait 🙂

I am a little bit nervous about how to introduce myself back to normal food over the next week. Part of me feels like I should just start eating normally, reintroducing meat and eggs etc from breakfast time tomorrow, and part of me feels that maybe I should reduce the number of juice meals a day and increase the number of slimming world meals… I don’t really know what to do. Especially since I still just desperately want to eat something. Even more so now I’ve gained weight from apparently breathing…

Ah well. I figure if I buy the food in today then I can introduce it as I see fit. I would rather I had it in so I can eat it if I want to, rather than being caught short and eating things that I shouldn’t…

I’ll catch you later and let you know how the first eating went. I’m basically going to make up a big bolognaise sauce, but using grated carrot instead of the meat part. It’s a cheat I used to use when I was veggi, ha. So it will totally consist of vegetables. I can’t wait!!

No problems with the veggis. For dinner I have escalated to slimming world chicken tikka masala, green beans and a tomato salad. All eaten with no ill effects so far. I am dreading what the scales are going to say tomorrow.

I have also updated my name and the site name to abigayl the eater. This is, after all, one of my main issues, one of the reasons I did juicing for a week in the first place. I also am sitting here not wanting to eat junk. I am watching Warehouse 13, content and comfortably full and not looking for what’s to eat next. In fact I’m enjoying drinking my fizzy water instead, so obviously something worked. Will let you know how the weigh in goes tomorrow. I don’t usually weigh in every day on sw. Therein lies the path to depression as your body fluctuates so much, but I want to know how my body reacts to going back onto food… wish me luck 🙂

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