Juicing Day 6 – Another day out… a difficult one

Weight 16st 2.4lbs. No weight lost this morning. Not surprised. Carried on.

Undoubtedly starting this over half term was ridiculous, ha. I have been surrounded by people with food, offering me food, having to make more food than usual, but still. Here I am. Went to the York Railway Museum today to see Paddington. Had a great time, but I really struggled. Took more juice with me than I did before, I don’t think it was enough still, but I did the best I could and had a pint of juice as soon as I got home at 6pm too.

Right now I am seriously considering starting in on eating the veg tomorrow night. My friend is coming to visit. She is on a strict calorie controlled diet so asked if she could bring her own bolognaise. No problem says I. I’m not eating… Still, the lure of making a sauce purely out of vegetables, substituting grated carrot for the meat bit, well, it’s huge. To be able to sit with a friend and chat and eat… But… I will be one meal short of juicing for a week. And that was my minimum juice time. Somehow it seems like a massive failure if I do that. I don’t know whether it is or not. I’ve lost half a stone so far… but it feels like it.

I’m feeling pretty down tonight. I’ve really struggled today at a point where I thought you were supposed to be feeling bright and happy and good. All day I’ve been lethargic and sluggish. My brain hasn’t really been working and I’ve had a small, niggling headache. All things I would have expected days ago… so meh. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up full of beans and rejuvination, this just a blip on the radar 🙂


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