Juicing Day 5 – 7lbs down :D

Weight 16st 2.4lbs

Another 1.6lbs down this morning. That cold stretch yesterday must have done some good, ha.

My juice this morning was 10 carrots, a pear and two small pink apples. Delicious. I have a poorly little girl this morning, so I am off to give her a cuddle. Catch you later…

It’s nearly 3pm and I’m about to make another juice. Feeling pretty great actually. The headache of earlier is gone. In fact it didn’t last past my morning juice. I’ve cleaned the kitchen and keep getting little random happy moments for no reason. Also keep finding myself dancing along to whatever music is on… I think the happy might be catching up with me 😀

It’s early evening and I am sitting here with my final juice at the end of day five. I’ve spent a lot of time today procrastinating about what to do next week. Whether to continue juicing or to introduce eating fruit and veg. I’m not sure. I’m concerned that I will end up hungry if I start eating fruit and veg for just my evening meal… Still. I want to slowly reintroduce food because I don’t want to gain loads of water weight, and obviously the weight of the food I’m eating, given I’m pretty darn empty at the moment. What do you think? Juice another week or add in the evening veg meal?

I’m feeling really good. I’m cold again, good old ketosis. Hopefully I’ll see another loss on the scales tomorrow but to be honest I no longer know what to expect… I don’t want to start being disappointed with weight losses when in the past a 2lb loss has been a major accomplishment in a week. I think it is easy to get greedy with weightloss with these things…

Hope all is going well in the lives of you. Goodnight.


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