Day 9 – First full Slimming World day in a while

Here’s to sw SP. It really is rather fab.

I got up this morning, had lost about 1.5lbs of yesterday’s mystery gain. So that was something positive. I’ll keep an eye on that and see how my body reacts to going back onto food after juicing. Still. It looks like my juicing week gave me a weight loss of 7lbs after food gain, so that’s pretty good 🙂

Post-juicing I’ve noticed that it’s fruit and veg that tastes better than anything else. I made myself a sw cooked breakfast this morning, ate the tomatoes and mushrooms first and thoroughly enjoyed them, then found myself almost force-feeding myself veggi sausage and fried egg. Needless to say I didn’t finish it off. That was brunch at about 11am, so didn’t feel hungry at lunch time, so I didn’t eat. I am not going to eat at pre-destined times if I am not hungry. I had an early dinner instead and again, made a tomato and beetroot salad and green beans and thought they were incredible. Then ate my chicken and it was ok. Ha. I think it’s safe to say my tastes are a little different 🙂

Another good thing that has come out of this is that I now drink what I would have thought was a ridiculous amount of water a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m easily quaffing my way through at least a two litre bottle of fizzy water a day. Excellent 😀

Nothing much else to report today. So far so good. I’ve had some Wotsits as my syns. Might have some more later. The chocolate demon isn’t screaming for me yet, so I’ll avoid that until it does. I’m not having my healthy extras, mainly because I don’t feel the need for them and I don’t want to reintroduce dairy too fast. I may reintroduce some tomorrow in my coffee.

Hope all is going fabulously with all of you xx


Goals goals goals

Howdy. I figured I should probably add in a few of the mini-goals I have coming up. There are quite a few that I could use. Here goes…

  • Surgery – I have a day surgery coming up. I need my bmi to be under 35 for my pre-op assessment in just under two weeks. I’m only about 2lbs off I think, depending on what my body does post-juicing, so that’s doable.
  • I am taking my daughter to visit my in-laws over the Easter holidays and I want to be thinner than last time I saw them in November… Noticeably thinner…
  • In May I am going away on a girlie weekend involving a hot tub. We did this last year but due to my massive amount of stress and emotional eating since then I am about a stone above what I was last time, and who wants to squidge that into a cossie? I was the fattest one there last time, I still would be this time, but I wanted to be thinner… So I have two months. Can I make it back to at least what I was before!!?!
  • Summer. Just summer. I will be spending a lot of it with my in-laws again, so another noticeable weight loss would be great.

So there we have it. The first one being my surgery. Post-surgery I will probably be back on juice or soup anyway as I won’t be able to eat anything else, but other than that it’s SW all the way… Please, please, please let me get it right this time around…

Day 8 – Adding in the Vegetables

Well this morning gives me a 2lb weight gain. woop de friggin’ do. I know weighing daily is full of the chance this will happen, but come on!! Before I even eat anything!!

Still, I am adding in the vegetables tonight. I have my shopping list ready and I can honestly say that I can’t wait 🙂

I am a little bit nervous about how to introduce myself back to normal food over the next week. Part of me feels like I should just start eating normally, reintroducing meat and eggs etc from breakfast time tomorrow, and part of me feels that maybe I should reduce the number of juice meals a day and increase the number of slimming world meals… I don’t really know what to do. Especially since I still just desperately want to eat something. Even more so now I’ve gained weight from apparently breathing…

Ah well. I figure if I buy the food in today then I can introduce it as I see fit. I would rather I had it in so I can eat it if I want to, rather than being caught short and eating things that I shouldn’t…

I’ll catch you later and let you know how the first eating went. I’m basically going to make up a big bolognaise sauce, but using grated carrot instead of the meat part. It’s a cheat I used to use when I was veggi, ha. So it will totally consist of vegetables. I can’t wait!!

No problems with the veggis. For dinner I have escalated to slimming world chicken tikka masala, green beans and a tomato salad. All eaten with no ill effects so far. I am dreading what the scales are going to say tomorrow.

I have also updated my name and the site name to abigayl the eater. This is, after all, one of my main issues, one of the reasons I did juicing for a week in the first place. I also am sitting here not wanting to eat junk. I am watching Warehouse 13, content and comfortably full and not looking for what’s to eat next. In fact I’m enjoying drinking my fizzy water instead, so obviously something worked. Will let you know how the weigh in goes tomorrow. I don’t usually weigh in every day on sw. Therein lies the path to depression as your body fluctuates so much, but I want to know how my body reacts to going back onto food… wish me luck 🙂

Juicing Day 7 — A much better day so far :)

Weight 16st 0.8lbs

Wooohoooo!! Nearly in the next stone bracket down (again). I have yoyoed like mad since the summer, before gaining like you wouldn’t believe. I have about another stone to go until I’m back to where I was then… how depressing, ha.

I woke in the early hours of the morning with a random headache, glugged a bit of water and it was gone when I woke up. I feel much better today. I was feeling really low at the end of yesterday. I have taken it much easier today, just a bit of tidying etc. I feel great. After yesterday’s deliberation about starting the veg eating tonight, I can’t. I will feel far too much like I’m giving up, so here we are. I will continue to juice tonight while my friend visits and I will start introducing vegetables in solid form tomorrow I think. We’ll see. I think I’m going to take it day by day.

I’m actually a Slimming Worlder. Something which is brilliant, definitely works, gets your weight off whilst letting you eat loads, but somehow I had gotten off track, was eating all the wrong things, and I felt awful, hence the detox..

The plan is to spend the next few days incorporating veg and then slowly introducing other foods until I’m back on Slimming World. I want to reduce the weight gain I will have eating and will gain some water weight back I would imagine. Still. Nearly 9lbs off in 6 days isn’t bad. I am looking forward to tomorrow, although I seem to lose a day, maintain a day, so we’ll see 🙂

Well I made it to this evening. My friend visited, I ate nothing, juiced away, feeling pretty good about it 🙂

Juicing Day 6 – Another day out… a difficult one

Weight 16st 2.4lbs. No weight lost this morning. Not surprised. Carried on.

Undoubtedly starting this over half term was ridiculous, ha. I have been surrounded by people with food, offering me food, having to make more food than usual, but still. Here I am. Went to the York Railway Museum today to see Paddington. Had a great time, but I really struggled. Took more juice with me than I did before, I don’t think it was enough still, but I did the best I could and had a pint of juice as soon as I got home at 6pm too.

Right now I am seriously considering starting in on eating the veg tomorrow night. My friend is coming to visit. She is on a strict calorie controlled diet so asked if she could bring her own bolognaise. No problem says I. I’m not eating… Still, the lure of making a sauce purely out of vegetables, substituting grated carrot for the meat bit, well, it’s huge. To be able to sit with a friend and chat and eat… But… I will be one meal short of juicing for a week. And that was my minimum juice time. Somehow it seems like a massive failure if I do that. I don’t know whether it is or not. I’ve lost half a stone so far… but it feels like it.

I’m feeling pretty down tonight. I’ve really struggled today at a point where I thought you were supposed to be feeling bright and happy and good. All day I’ve been lethargic and sluggish. My brain hasn’t really been working and I’ve had a small, niggling headache. All things I would have expected days ago… so meh. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up full of beans and rejuvination, this just a blip on the radar 🙂

Juicing Day 5 – 7lbs down :D

Weight 16st 2.4lbs

Another 1.6lbs down this morning. That cold stretch yesterday must have done some good, ha.

My juice this morning was 10 carrots, a pear and two small pink apples. Delicious. I have a poorly little girl this morning, so I am off to give her a cuddle. Catch you later…

It’s nearly 3pm and I’m about to make another juice. Feeling pretty great actually. The headache of earlier is gone. In fact it didn’t last past my morning juice. I’ve cleaned the kitchen and keep getting little random happy moments for no reason. Also keep finding myself dancing along to whatever music is on… I think the happy might be catching up with me 😀

It’s early evening and I am sitting here with my final juice at the end of day five. I’ve spent a lot of time today procrastinating about what to do next week. Whether to continue juicing or to introduce eating fruit and veg. I’m not sure. I’m concerned that I will end up hungry if I start eating fruit and veg for just my evening meal… Still. I want to slowly reintroduce food because I don’t want to gain loads of water weight, and obviously the weight of the food I’m eating, given I’m pretty darn empty at the moment. What do you think? Juice another week or add in the evening veg meal?

I’m feeling really good. I’m cold again, good old ketosis. Hopefully I’ll see another loss on the scales tomorrow but to be honest I no longer know what to expect… I don’t want to start being disappointed with weight losses when in the past a 2lb loss has been a major accomplishment in a week. I think it is easy to get greedy with weightloss with these things…

Hope all is going well in the lives of you. Goodnight.

Juicing Day 4

Weight 16st 4lbs

No weight loss today. No surprises there really, given how much I have lost in the last couple. 5.4 I think… First juice was:
Colander of spinach
1 stick celery
1 chunk pineapple
4 tiny pears

I drank some of last night’s left over juice this morning but didn’t get much down, then went to soft play and took a bottle of the above juice. I had my one cup of coffee there. Stayed at my friend’s house until 5. Drank juice but I didn’t take enough. For the first time I felt hungry and a little light-headed. And I AM FROZEN!! My lips are a little blue from cold, but that isn’t unusual for me. I get blue lips and fingernails when cold. I ended up under a blanket at my friend’s house 🙂 Got home and glugged a juice with 10 carrots, 2 sticks celery, 2 slices pineapple and 2 small pink apples. Downed most of it and have some left for later. Am currently fully dressed with a woolly jumper under a duvet with the heating on full… Hoping to warm up soon.

I didn’t drink enough juice today. I thought I was prepared but I wasn’t. I managed to finish off all the water shortly before bed time, but no doubt I’ll be up to the loo all night now, ha. Given how cold I am I’m guessing ketosis has kicked in. Probably because of today’s lack of juice. Note to self. Do this in summer, not in February 😀

I did warm up once I had all my juice in me, so that was something. Must be more organised!!